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Elcometer 415 Industrial Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge

The new Elcometer 415T Industrial Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge provides simple, fast and accurate coating thickness measurements on smooth and thin industrial paint and powder coatings. Its also used in automotive industry is more precise then 311T.

The new Elcometer 415T automatically switches between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Designed to measure cured paint and powder coatings up to 1000μm (40mils), the thickness gauge is ideal for the industrial paint & powder market.

With a reading rate of 60+ readings per minute, the new paint and powder thickness gauge allows to inspect more industrial materials in less time.

Compatible with ElcoMaster® software and ElcoMaster® Mobile App, individual paint and powder thickness readings can be transferred via USB or Bluetooth®  to PC or a mobile device for analysis and instant report generation.

Paint & Powder Thickness Reports


Key features and benefits of the Elcometer 415T Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge include:


  • Incredibly fast (60+ readings per minute), reduces inspection times, increasing productivity
  • Automatically switches between ferrous and non-ferrous substrates1
  • Measures cured paint & powder coatings up to 1000μm (40mils)
  • 1 point and 2 point calibration ensures accuracy on smooth and thin coated substrates
  • Easy to use, ergonomic design provides maximum comfort for continuous use
  • Large easy to read values in microns or mils
  • Auto rotating large colour display provides clear visibility whatever the angle of measurement
  • Scratch, solvent and powder resistant display
  • Rugged and resistant to powder coatings ingress equivalent to IP64
  • Transfer live data via USB or Bluetooth® to ElcoMaster® for instant report generation


“The new Elcometer 415T doesn’t just take a thickness measurement”

In addition to the coating thickness, the new Elcometer 415 displays the key statistical values required to assess the overall industrial finishing; number of readings (n), average (x), lowest (Lo) and highest (Hi) paint thickness.


“Stay accurate with simple calibration”

This new, easy to use, Elcometer 415T has 1 point & 2 point calibration, ensuring accurate measurements on smooth & thin industrial paint & powder coated surfaces.


“Each gauge is designed to last”

Robust, durable & powder resistant, the new Elcometer 415 is available with a 2 year** manufacturer’s warranty; giving you peace of mind.


“Seamlessly connect to any PC, Android™ or iOS mobile device”

As each measurement is taken the new Elcometer 415 instantly transmits the thickness values via USB or Bluetooth®2 to your PC or mobile device using ElcoMaster® or your own software application.



Measuring Dry Film Thickness 360° Auto Rotating Display Compatible with ElcoMaster®
Ideal for measuring dry film thickness on thin coated substrates. 360° auto rotating display for a clear reading at any measurement angle, on the production line or QA station. Transfer live data via Bluetooth® to PC, Android™ or iOS mobile devices2


1 Elcometer 415 Model T
** Elcometer 415 gauges are supplied with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. The warranty can be extended to two years here.


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Technical Specification

Model T
Part Number A415CFNFTI
Calibration Test Certificate
Built in probe type Ferrous / Non-Ferrous (FNF)
On screen statistics


Number of readings, n;

Average (mean), x;

Lowest reading, Lo

Highest reading, Hi

Live data output Bluetooth® & USB
Reading rate 60+ readings per minute
Accuracy1 ±1-3% or ±2.5μm (±0.1mil)
Measurement Range 0-1000μm / 0-40mils
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C / 14 to 122°F
Relative Humidity (RH) 0 to 95% (RH)
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries or via USB (rechargeable batteries can also be used)
Gauge Dimensions 14.1 x 7.30 x 3.70cm / 5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46” (h x w x d)
Gauge Weight 156g / 5.5oz (including batteries)
Packing List Elcometer 415 gauge, 2 x AA batteries, steel & aluminium check pieces*, foil set, wrist strap, impact resistant carry case,

screen protector†, calibration test certificate, operating instructions, USB cable†, ElcoMaster CD† & 2 year warranty extension card


1 When subject to a 2-point calibration: ±1% when calibrated close to the required thickness, ±3% across the range.

† Model T
* F models: steel check piece; FNF models: steel & aluminium check pieces




AS2331.1.4, AS/NZS 1580.108.1, ASTM B 499, ASTM D 1186, ASTM D 1400, ASTM D 7091, ASTM E 376, BS 3900-C5-6A, BS 3900-C5-6B, BS 5411-11,

BS 5411-3, BS 5599, DIN 50981, DIN 50984, ECCA T1, EN 13523-1, ISO 2360, ISO 2808-12, ISO 2808-6A, ISO 2808-6B, ISO 2808-7C, ISO 2808-7D,

JIS K 5600-1-7, NF T30-124,  ISO 2178


Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

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