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  1. Service due displayed 39,125 miles and last service was completed at 35,683 miles)
  2. Some scrapes on the front and rear bumpers.
  3. Dent on offside rear door (roughly 3-4 inches long)
  4. Rear nearside tyre required
  5. Brake pads 40% worn all round
  6. Timing belt kit and water pump are due for replacement if not already replaced (interval is 140,000 miles or 5 years whichever comes first)

To obtain maximum benefit from this report we recommend that you should read it thoroughly before proceeding with the purchase of the vehicle.

Whilst all reasonable care has been taken, the inspection of the vehicle described in this report is visual and external, and the Inspector is unable to accept responsibility for failure to identify defects not present or apparent at the time of the inspection.

The inspection covers those items listed, however, it must be noted that no dismantling, removal or inspection of any parts has been undertaken. Minor body repairs of a cosmetic nature, which have been repaired to a satisfactory standard, have not been commented upon.

The Inspector is unable to verify the accuracy of the odometer reading.

The inspection is not a guarantee against defects arising in the future and this report in no way constitutes any form of guarantee or warranty.

In the event of dissatisfaction or complaint, reserve the right to re-examine the vehicle prior to any rectification being made.

Trolley jack and ramps will be used to allow inspection of the Underbody. If for any reason the Inspector is unable to inspect the Underbody, an explanation will be given in the report.

Left (N/S) and right (O/S) are as viewed from the driver’s seat.

A copy of the Terms & Conditions is available on our website at

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If the ABS warning light indicates a system malfunction the Inspector will recommend that the problem is investigated by an authorized repairer who will have the specialist equipment to determine the fault.

Exhaust Emissions, and in particular catalyst function can only be accurately assessed by utilising a gas analyser in controlled static condition, as calibrated test equipment is adversely affected by movement. Consequently, Inspectors do not conduct emissions testing, and we recommend specialist independent emissions testing and advice is sought.

A Cooling System pressure test will be recommended if the addition of antifreeze is found to be necessary, as antifreeze can leak from joints that would contain plain water.

If there is no documented evidence that the cam belt has recently been renewed, or has been changed at the recommended intervals, the Inspector will indicate that replacement is strongly advised.

Air Conditioning System Functions are checked, and if no refrigerated air is available, the Inspector will recommend specialist service to investigate and rectify the defect.

Due to self-levelling suspension systems being automatically activated by increased pay-load, the facility for checking this function is not available within the scope of this inspection.

Manual Selection and permanent four-wheel drive systems are checked as far as possible given the facilities at the inspection venue. However, this cannot include traction and differential lock functions on public or other roads which are constructed/built or tarmac, concrete or any other homogenous non-slip surface.

If an alarm is fitted and the arming device provided, it will be tested. However, due to many variations in alarm features and operating modes it cannot be confirmed that it is functioning fully to the manufacturers design specification.

The majority of vehicles fitted with a turbo charger or super charger, have no additional instruments provided to indicate that the equipment is producing induction boost. Due to this, the Inspector is unable to confirm that the system is working to specification, other than by giving an opinion on the performance as road tested.

If the Inspector has indicated that a cold start could not be performed as the vehicle has been run prior to inspection, potential starting problems could not be identified.

The Inspector is unable to undertake a compression test on the engine as dismantling would be required. However, if a power imbalance exists due to unequal cylinder performance, the Inspector will provide an opinion to guide and assist further investigation.

Air bags are passive restraints triggered by deceleration and impact sensors, and their function in a collision cannot be tested.

Unless a visual indication of deployment is incorporated, the status of pre-tensioned seat belts cannot be assessed.

Testing for body water leaks requires dedicated facilities, and is not included within the scope of the inspection. However, if stains and damp are evident, these will be commented upon.

In the unlikely event that defects are discovered after purchase which were not identified in the report, please raise a ticket in the CarExamer esolution center from your account before instructing any repairs. If CarExamer consider it appropriate, a vehicle inspection will be arranged to re-inspect the area of concern and an unbiased second opinion will be provided.

Inspectors make a visual inspection and as such, Inspectors cannot accept liability for changes in performance, non-compliance with emission regulations, failure of components or adjustments required to any vehicle as a result of the date change to the year 2000.

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