Klavs Simkus

My name is Klavs Simkus. I am founder of As a child of a car mechanic, I had a lifelong passion for cars. With over eighteen years’ experience working in the motor trade, my experience as a vehicle technician has given great insight into how to effectively inspect and value cars. My experience includes positions working with Bosch Dealer Network, Auto Electrician Workshop, Ford and the AA Roadside Assistance. I have a background working with all grades of cars, from family saloons right through to supercars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, M Series and Cobra. CarExamer combines this experience with a first-hand working knowledge of the car inspection industry, to benefit both customers and inspectors. I am mentored by global business leader Grant Cardone, and I have a huge vision to improve the process of buying used cars all over the world. I will see you on inspections day or I will speak with you on feedback call after inspection.

Reviews (9)

sangeeta kumari
19/08/2019, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Standard Inspection

I got response as u requested... I got good advice from inspector for vehicle condition overall... I'm happy with their services. Thanks

Lai Shing Tang
15/08/2019, Volkswagen Golf, Standard Inspection

Klav is outstanding professional. He examined my first car VW golf thoroughly, the time patience's, passion and effort he puts into the inspection, far exceeded my expectations. The reports, images and audio is first class with the service. He is honest and you can trust his experience to help you make a decision whether the car is in good condition or not. You get in depth Quality work from Quality experience professional who loves his work and cares for customers.

Krystle Obasi
13/08/2019, Vauxhall Astra, Standard Inspection

Klavs was a great help, gave professional advice prior to and after inspection! Thanks so much! Would definitely recommend!!!!

Anushalini Ravichandran
02/08/2019, Nissan Micra, Basic Inspection

Thank you very much for your help You have given very good advices and good information about the car I will highly recommend.

Joe Cross
02/08/2019, BMW X5, Premium Inspection

I am more than impressed with the inspection Klavs carried out on a vehicle I am going to purchase. I have had nothing but great feedback from the seller, who advised he will be sure to call Klavs or Carexamer when he next wishes to buy a car. The quality of the premium inspection was second to none and I can’t fault a single thing. I now have peace of mind that I am buying a trustworthy car, all thanks to Klavs! Thank you so much. What a fantastic service all round and for a bargain price that can’t be beaten elsewhere! Will be highly recommended you to friends and family and will definitely be using you again in the future!

Anna Jones
02/08/2019, Land Rover Range Rover, Standard Inspection

Excellent service really put himself out to be informative and helpful. Will be using service again when need to.

Lai-kin Tang
18/07/2019, Audi A3, Standard Inspection

I will highly recommend using instead of AA and RAC. He does a thorough inspection of a vehicle and provides excellent advice and report. It is much cheaper than AA and RAC inspection. I paid £89 for a standard service. The car dealer were I was looking to purchase my car from was so impressed with his services, he proposed a B2B relationship to check his vehicles.

Tanveer Qureshi
15/07/2019, Porsche 911, Premium Inspection

Klavs is very professional and provides a first rate service. Having failed in love with what I thought was my dream car, Klavs gave me a reality check and saved me thousands. Thank you very much

Sylvia Nash
12/07/2019, Hyundai i20, Premium Inspection

Klaus is a very friendly man and made me feel at ease right from the start, constantly reassuring me on things I was not happy about. He was very thorough with his inspection. He made a follow up call to me to go through the report in detail and particularly pointed out the areas he was not happy with. I am 100% satisfied with this report. It was worth every penny. Would definitely recommend this Company and be will be using them again when I need another report. Thank you. 5*