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Inspector Brett Wood

Brett Wood


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David Gray
  • BMW 218D M SPORT,
    Premium inspection

I did not meet Brett so I could not comment on his qualities very well. I have a few major concerns:- 1. The sample report showed the sample car on the inspectors ramps to enable underbody inspection and included underbody photos. Our photos did not show the car on ramps or underbody photos. 2. The sample report showed paint thickness of every panel. Our report did not. 3. The sample report showed a photo of the battery test meter results- ours did not. 4. The sample report showed a photo of the engine diagnostic machine screen- ours did not. I therefor conclude Brett did not have ramps, paint thinkness meter, engine diagnostic reader or battery diagnostic reader. The main reason that I wanted the report was because I bought a 2 year old Mercedes from a main dealer and when I got home found out the rear cross member was badly damaged and it had had a few panels painted due to other minor bumps. I doubt whether any of these points would have been picked up on Bretts inspection. Conclusion- not good value.

Lee Lane
    Premium inspection

Very poor experience from CarExamer and the inspector. Found both to be very rude in their communication. I opened up a resolution due to damage being found on collection of the vehicle which was not referenced in the report. Both CarExamer and the inspector suggested the damage wasn’t their at the time of the inspection but couldn’t provide any evidence to support this. I will be taking the matter forward to the financial ombudsman and will be reflecting my experience more widely.

martin sheard
  • SAAB 9-3 LINEAR SE TID 150,
    Standard inspection

Inspector arrived on time and did a very thorough examination picking up a few faults with the vehicle which he talked through with me. Well worth the cost to have peace of mind and know what it will cost to get the vehicle ready for use.

Mark Corabii
    Premium inspection

Spot on, honest, professional, couldnt ask for more, well worth investing in an inspection for piece of mind.

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