inspections for insurance companies


Working with CarExamer offers many benefits for insurance companies.

A pre-purchase inspection can be added as a mandatory requirement for parts and labour extended warranties. This can help protect insurers from unnecessary claims, increasing long term revenue.

Having a detailed, independent inspection report for customer vehicles enables a clear view of what you are insuring. Advance notification of underlying issues can help when defending a claim.


  • Improved offering for insurance customers
  • Simple to use insurer account
  • Track inspected vehicles, and be notified of reports instantly
  • In-depth view of vehicle history and any potential risks
  • Protection from claims
  • Improved understanding of customer inventory, to increase accuracy in premium costs and defending claims

Professional car inspection made easy as 1-2-3

Book inspection from any device

Our booking process is simple and quick, and you only pay when the inspection is complete.

Pick a date, time and location

Our network of fully qualified inspectors work nationwide at a time to suit you.

Instant report results

Your full vehicle inspection report is sent immediately by email, putting you in the picture sooner