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Liscard Tyre House Ltd

Liscard Tyre House Ltd - Used Car Sellers

Best for Used, New & Part Worn Tyres - Great Prices & Express Service!!!

Liscard Tyre House Ltd are a car dealer based in *location* offering a wide range of quality used cars to customers in their area. Selling cars of all makes and models means that Liscard Tyre House Ltd has something to offer every customer no matter what you’re looking for, all at a high quality and at great prices, too.

The helpful team at Liscard Tyre House Ltd are happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, working with you to understand which cars are likely to be your perfect fit and making sure you get exactly what you need for the budget you’re looking for without any wasted time.

Why not visit Liscard Tyre House Ltd in *location* today and browse their wide selection of cars and see for yourself just what they can offer you.

Address: 77-81 Seaview Rd, Wallasey, CH45 4LE

Contact phone number: 07807 886099

Website: https://www.liscardtyrehouse.co.uk/


Whether you want to buy a used car or you need comprehensive car servicing, you can count on us. At Liscard Tyre House Ltd, our well-trained team offers a complete range of vehicle services, including brake repairs. Please feel free to talk to our friendly and professional team to discuss your vehicle requirements. Faulty brakes can impair your car's performance. Get in touch with our highly skilled team today for effective brake repairs.

77-81 Seaview Rd, Wallasey, CH45 4LE
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