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Kent Mobile Diagnostics

Kent Mobile Diagnostics - Mobile Mechanics Garage

Mobile Diagnostic Specialists Covering Kent For Most Makes And Models We Can Come To Your Home, Workplace Or Roadside Saving You £££s Compared To Main Dealer Charges

Mobile mechanics can undertake practically any service that a garage can all from the comfort of your own home. That what makes Kent Mobile Diagnostics such a great value and convenient business. Whether you need help at home, at work, or while you’re on the road, they can get your car back in shape wherever you are without wasting time and money.

Kent Mobile Diagnostics is one of the most reputable mobile mechanics in Sevenoaks because of their convenience and their long service list.

For any jobs too big for a job out on the road, many also have their own premise to take care of any longer works on your car. That all adds up to a service that;s hard to beat, and more often than not, for the same price as your local mechanic, too.

Contact Kent Mobile Diagnostics today and see what they can offer you and your vehicle.

Address: 7 Shrubshall Meadow, Long Mill Lane, Plaxtol, Sevenoaks, TN15 0GR

Contact phone number: 07593 605005


We have professional diagnostic scanning tools that allow us to identify specific vehicle problems quickly and easily. This allows us to locate problem areas and get to work on fixing them much faster than a traditional manual check-ups.

With years of experience in the trade Kent mobile diagnostics has noticed increased use of electronics in cars. "About 50 of our business is now to do with electronics rather than mechanical problems." With this increase in demand we have become a recognized name in electronic diagnostics in the Kent area.

Our vehicle diagnostics systems and expertise are capable of fault finding for most vehicles, new and old. We have such a good reputation in diagnostics many garages use us to carry out diagnostic work for them as auto electricians in Kent.

The on board diagnostic systems can also identify potential problems that are not immediately obvious therefore ensuring a thorough analysis of your vehicle.

We offer dealer level diagnostics and have one of the most comprehensive set of vehicle diagnostics tools in Kent.

7 Shrubshall Meadow, Long Mill Lane, Plaxtol, Sevenoaks, TN15 0GR
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